A Week of Egypt


A collection of pictures and videos I collected from the protests this week. I’ve put the names of the authors that were available. If you know the authors of other pictures, please inform me in comments.


Cairo yesterday:

Feb 2nd. Egyptian Christians protecting Muslims during the prayer. By NevineZaki

Regular people feeding the protesters. by TravellerW

Cairo, prayers at dusk in the shadow of the army, bloodied but unbowed. by Guy Martin foto8

Pro and anti-Mubarak supporters clash at Tahrir Square in Cairo. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevi

Pro-Mubarak protesters captured by anti-government supporters are handed over to the army. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

An Egyptian army soldier tries to contain thousands of pro-government supporters. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Egyptian protesters throw stones during clashes between anti-government protesters and supporters of President Hosny Mubarak. EPA/FELIPE TRUEBA

A man injured during the clash.

Protesters and army praying together

Feb 2nd. Volunteers clean up the Tahir Square prior to clashes between pro and anti-Mubarak demonstrators in Tahrir Square. EPA/MANUEL DE ALMEIDA

A week of protests:

Good question.


Jan 28th. A protester flashes a victory sign in front of police during clashes in Cairo.

And my favorite video, clearly showing the spirit of anti-government protests in Egypt. People take responsibility for their lives and their country:

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