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Gandhi Knew What He Was Talking About

I was checking Macbook’s page on yesterday and it reminded me how I was doing the same thing last summer – checking the page and dreaming about having a Mac. Financially dreaming.

I got it two months later.

But it’s not important.

The other day I heard a song, which I was listening to in January, when taking GRE classes. I would take short breaks between the classes, stand in a tiny yard of Baku Education and Information Center, smoking. It was the only time of day when I would allow myself to dream. For 10 minutes only. I dreamt about getting the scholarship I was preparing for; about being accepted to a university in the USA; about my farewell party with all my friends attending; about the day I will be leaving; about having to say goodbye to the things I’m used to and the new challenges that would expect me on the other side of the planet; about the new direction my life will take.

Then, I would throw away the cigarette, tell myself not to count on getting the scholarship too much, because I might not get it and go back to the class.

I got the scholarship.

And I got accepted to the University of Arizona, Tucson.

And I’m leaving in August.

Dream. That’s how you plan things.

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